Tiger Natural Gas

Our dedication doesn't stop with equipment design, installation or even service. That's why we have partnered with Tiger Natural Gas. After years in the industry, we confidently recommend their services to all of our customers, saving them the headache of trying to choose a quality utility company.

If you aren't a Tiger Gas customer, we encourage you to fill out the "get a quote forms" to find out how much you could save by using Tiger Natural Gas.

Natural Gas and Support Services:

Tiger's success has been built on providing unsurpassed Customer Support Services for every client. At Tiger we provide our customers with the highest quality natural gas supply and management services available. Tiger's strong emphasis on maintaining superior customer service and customer relations are key elements to our success.

Tiger's Natural Gas Management includes:
  • Develop strategy to best facilitate the supply and transportation of your natural gas, for the duration of your contract.
  • Research and implement the best possible pooling options for your services area.
  • Continuous market price monitoring and evaluation.
  • Exemplary and experienced transportation and balancing services.
  • Review customer transportation invoices, reconciling discrepancies with utility.
  • Cost Savings Analysis, comparing Tiger's cost to local utility.
  • Superior Customer Support in all aspects of our agreement.

Natural Gas Bill and Recovery Audit Services:

Utilities send out millions of invoices, worth billions of dollars each year. Although they try to not make any mistakes many invoices are received containing errors that are difficult to uncover. It is your responsibility to review and catch any mistakes that are made. Assuming that your bills are correct could be costing your company thousands in expenses you did not incur.

Who verifies your Natural Gas invoices? Does your company posses the knowledge and expertise to identify and correct these potentially costly errors? Does your company want this added responsibility?

A Natural Gas Bill Audit will:
  • Clarify your invoices, which reduces employee stress and processing times.
  • Protect your company from overcharges, duplicate charges, and other pricing errors.
  • Find refund opportunities and expedite their processing and payment/