Environmental Commitment

laundry systems for a greener world logoLaundry Systems for a Greener World

Not only are Continental washers, dryers and ironers among the most energy efficient on the market today, but customers can feel good knowing that Continental laundry products are manufactured in an environmentally friendly manner to conserve the Earth's natural resources and to create less waste.

Green Buildings

Are you working on green buildings? The following documents will help you learn more about our green products, how they are used in sustainable design and the our green manufacturing practices.

Greening Your Hotel Laundry Facility

greening your hotel laundry brochureGoing green makes good business sense within the hospitality industry, and there's no better place to start than in the laundry. This brochure details ways hotels can reduce laundry room utility and labor costs while elevating green marketability and appeal.
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Green Manufacturing Statement & ISO Certification

ISO certification brochureContinental and it's parent company, Girbau S.A., have taken a proactive approach to conservation and a "greener" world. This document details its green manufacturing processes including the company's ISO14001 certification.
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On-Premise Laundry
  • Design or Remodel
  • Evaluate Laundry Design
  • Analyze Facility Efficiency
  • Slash Utility Costs
  • Boost Productivity
Coin Laundry
  • Site Selection
  • Planning & Demographics
  • Building Logistics
  • Equipment Mix
  • Installation & Service
Sports Laundry
  • Disinfects Athletic Laundry
  • Boosts Laundry Productivity
  • Operates 24 Hours Per Day
  • Proven to Kill 99% of Bacteria
  • Superior Cleaning Results
Bearing Repairs
  • Expert Build-Outs
  • Superb Service
  • Save Time & Money