Business Opportunities

A successful card/coin laundry requires more than high-powered equipment, it requires a solid business plan with a clear view of an area's demographics and the right equipment mix. The team at CCC Laundries sees hundreds of laundries each year and we know what works and what doesn't.

Recession Proof

In difficult financial times, card/coin laundry owners are often safe from economic downturns. Like food, water and shelter, clean clothes are a daily necessity. When the economy is slow, there is also often a greater need for self-service laundries because home ownership of washers and dryers decreases. Plus, it's often less expensive to launder clothes at a coin laundry than it is to do them at home!

More Space = More Money

Whether you're building a new laundry or remodeling an existing one, we work together with you to increase your revenue, while decreasing your overall expenses. That's why we specialize in creating customizable, smaller than average, bulk-head frames, or the framing structure that allows machines to be installed into an island apart from the wall. The smaller the frames, the larger the aisle space for customer flow. In a big store, smaller frames can even allow more washers to be installed. The result? MORE PROFIT POTENTIAL!

Beyond the Renter

Card/coin laundries aren't just for renters and vacationers. With leisure and free-time serving as a hot-commodity, using a card/coin laundry saves time and money. Customers can save on their utility bills by doing their laundry at a card or coin laundry. With new, highly efficient equipment and high-speed technology, storeowners are successfully decreasing utility costs by as much as 30 percent, as well.

Coin laundries are also drawing families, professionals and singles. Families visit laundries to clean rugs, comforters, draperies and tablecloths, for example. And professionals, singles, and busy families take advantage of services such as wash/dry/fold and drop-off drycleaning!

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Did you know...

7 of these 125-pound capacity coin machines have been installed in the last year in Northern California laundries!

On-Premise Laundry
  • Design or Remodel
  • Evaluate Laundry Design
  • Analyze Facility Efficiency
  • Slash Utility Costs
  • Boost Productivity
Coin Laundry
  • Site Selection
  • Planning & Demographics
  • Building Logistics
  • Equipment Mix
  • Installation & Service
Sports Laundry
  • Disinfects Athletic Laundry
  • Boosts Laundry Productivity
  • Operates 24 Hours Per Day
  • Proven to Kill 99% of Bacteria
  • Superior Cleaning Results
Bearing Repairs
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  • Save Time & Money